Fall 2017 Schedule

Race and Slavery in the Atlantic World to 1900
Fall 2017

September 13
Jared Lucky
PhD Student, Yale University
“Las Casas and the British Abolitionists”

September 27
Khary Polk
Assistant Professor of Black Studies and Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies, Amherst College
“Negro Heroines: Gender, Race, and Immunity in the Spanish-Cuban-American War”

October 11
Marcela Echeverri 
Assistant Professor of History, Yale University 
“Slavery and Antislavery in Gran Colombia”

October 25
Marisa Fuentes
Presidential Term Chair in African American History, Rutgers University
“Refuse Bodies, Disposable Lives: The Status of 'Human' in the Atlantic Slave Trade”

November 8
Nancy E. van Deusen 
Professor of History, Queen's University
“In the 'Tethered Shadow': Native American Bondage as a Preamble to African Slavery”

November 29
Anne Eller 
Assistant Professor of History, Yale University
“Dominica's Salvation: Colonial Policy, Taxes, and the Debate of the Future of Small Islands after Slavery”